Friday, August 19, 2016

Note to the Florida Press Corps

Dear Journalists,

The court case is the only thing you reporters want to ask me about.

Once and for all: I AM INNOCENT.

Let me ask you folks a question: What if I accused you guys of being pedophiles?

I bet that didn’t feel too good, did it?

Well that’s how I feel, especially because I’m innocent.

Despite this, you guys come at me like a lynch mob demanding that I prove my innocence in a 20-second sound bite.

Maybe you were goofing off in your middle-school civics class but in the United States of America accused people are innocent unless proven otherwise.

An indictment is an accusation. It is NOT a conviction.

You worship the Constitution’s First Amendment so maybe you never got to the Fifth Amendment that says it’s the prosecution’s job to prove guilt.

I don’t have to prove my innocence to the court or to the news media.

When I’m on the campaign trail voters greet me enthusiastically. Voters never ask about the court case. They want to discuss jobs, health care, veterans’ issues, Social Security, transportation, homeland security, the environment and other important issues. Mayors and other local elected officials want the same personal service I’ve provided for more than 20 years to Orlando, Eatonville, Gainesville, Palatka, Ocala and other communities.

North Florida voters will judge me by my track record of service and accomplishments. They know and appreciate what I’ve done to make this state and country better.

You guys in the press corps don’t seem to be familiar with my record. I suggest you visit my website and educate yourselves.


Congresswoman Corrine Brown


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  2. It's hard to believe the Unaverseea of Flora gradulated you from der skoo.

  3. The highlight of your career was your Go Gata speech on the floor of the United States Congress. It was then that the world realized what an illiterate embarrassment you are. I'm going to enjoy watching you go down. There is no doubt in my mind you are guilty. Do the world a favor and resign.

  4. there you go. Call the press pedophiles! Now i believe you are innocent! What a charming analogy. If you were innocent, why lash out with an ignorant statement like that?
    I hope you have more of those one liners you can use over your next luncheon at the prison cafeteria. This has been a long time coming.

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