Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why they say Corrine Delivers

·         Securing more than $1 billion for expansion and improvements at the airports in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando
·         Securing nearly $1 billion to create the SunRail commuter train system in Orlando
·         Securing more than $500 million to build and improve VA hospital and medical facilities on Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa.
·         Securing millions of dollars for massive improvements to the port of Jacksonville, which will add more 25,000 jobs over the next 10 years.
·         Securing $100 million to replace the Fuller Warren Bridge that provides a vital link for Interstate 95 across the St. Johns River in Jacksonville
·         Securing $100 million to build a new federal courthouse in Jacksonville
·         Hosting district job fairs that served 10,000 people annually
·         Working with a non-profit group to help nearly 1 million people throughout the country reduce their mortgages to save their homes from foreclosure
·         Serving on the Congressional Committee that approved $325 billion for transportation projects through 2021
·         Playing a key role in resurrecting Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University’s law school in Orlando
·         Securing nearly $44 million to expand the public bus system in Gainesville
·         Brokering a land deal in which the federal Department of Agriculture turned over nearly 4,000 acres to Florida A&M University. The land will be used for research and to help military veterans transition to careers in agriculture.

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