Monday, July 25, 2016

Why I support Congresswoman Corrine Brown

I have known Congresswoman Corrine Brown for over 20 years and I found her to be a sincere woman of deep integrity and very committed to doing a great job for this entire state of Florida.
Pastor Harris with Congresswoman Brown

Congresswoman Brown has gone out of her way for many years looking out for and providing the best service for Veterans, children and citizens of this state. I have seen much of her workings for the state of Florida. She has fought for federal funds to provide and repair the infrastructure of Florida. She has brought dollars to this region that benefited the Veterans by way of the VA Clinic; the judicial system by way of the court house and many other areas. The entire state of Florida is benefiting from Corrine Brown serving in the United States Congress.

I may not know all the facts that the grand jury had at its disposal, but what I do know and believe is that there is a strategic effort to discredit all the work that Congresswoman Brown has done in Jacksonville, the state of Florida and this country.

There are witch hunts and there are truth finders. Witches are burned at the stake. Martyrs are sacrificed on the cross of racism. There are different for different persons depending on who is speaking up.

In closing may I say that we as a people are better than what is being exhibited, that justice will prevail in the courts of law and those who seek to do evil will fall. I stand with Congresswoman Brown to seek justice through the courts.


Elder Lee Harris
Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church

Jacksonville, Florida

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  1. Bet your regretting writing this article now. She a dirty thief.