Sunday, July 3, 2016

How Corrine Brown has helped the community

During the past several years Congresswoman Corrine Brown successfully fought to secure tens of millions of dollars needed for massive improvements to the Port of Jacksonville.
The money is being used to make the shipping channel, wider, deeper, easier to navigate to accommodate new larger ships and to add a state-of-the-art freight, rail terminal. This investment will bring nearly 40,000 jobs to North Florida over the next few years.

That is just one of many ways Congresswoman Corrine Brown has delivered to our community. Some of her other successful projects included:
·         Providing funds to replace Jacksonville’s Fuller Warren Bridge.
·         Bringing Head Start pre-K education back to Jacksonville.
·         Reworking the funding formula to get Florida 25 percent more money from federal gas taxes for transportation projects
·         Securing more than $1 billion for expansion and improvements at the airports in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando
·         Securing nearly $1 billion to create the SunRail commuter train system in Orlando
·         Securing more than $500 million to build and improve VA hospital and medical facilities on Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa.
·         Securing $100 million to build a new federal courthouse in Jacksonville
·         Hosting district job fairs that served 10,000 people annually
·         Working with a non-profit group to help nearly 1 million people throughout the country reduce their mortgages to save their homes from foreclosure
·         Serving on the Congressional Committee that approved $325 billion for transportation projects through 2021

Please help keep Congresswoman Corrine Brown in the fight by clicking here to contribute to her campaign fund.


  1. Where can I donate to your slush...oops...I mean, scholarship fund?

  2. Where can I donate to your slush...oops...I mean, scholarship fund?

  3. Since I am unable to comment on your post regarding the charges brought against you I will do it here.... I find it comical that you put out a post defining the difference between an indictment and a conviction, you are asking for people to reserve judgement until they "Have heard your side of the story". You ask for this (Constitutional Right of Due Process) IN THE SAME POST WHERE YOU PASS JUDGEMENT AGAINST 2 POLICE DEPARTMENTS REGARDING 2 SHOOTINGS. So I'm guessing you do not feel they deserve the same Due Process that you feel that you are entitled to? Nice job living up to the stigma that many people are associating with members of the Government. Good luck with your day in court that you feel you are deserving of while nobody else is.