Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sentinel says Corrine is Champ of the Week

Here is why the Orlando Sentinel editorial board called Congresswoman Corrine Brown the "Champ of the Week" (Nov. 18)

Corrine Brown: As Florida's Gov. Rick Scott and other pandering politicians seized on the Paris attacks to reject all Syrian refugees as potential terrorists, Jacksonville's Democratic congresswoman stood up for American values. "While we must ensure any prospective refugee receives the most rigorous scrutiny and screening," she said, "it would be outright inhumane to slam the door in the face of desperate mothers seeking a safe place for their children." Indeed, 70 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. have been women or children. We've criticized Brown on other issues, but we admire her courageous and compassionate position on this one in the face of fear mongers like Scott.

We need more courage in Washington. To keep Congresswoman Brown in the fight, please contribute to her re-election campaign by clicking here.