Friday, November 6, 2015

Corrine Brown advocated for FAMU Law

FAMU Law School
Congresswoman Corrine Brown played a key role in resurrecting Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University’s School of Law in Orlando.

As a FAMU alumni, Congresswoman Brown recalls when FAMU’s original law school was closed in the 1960s. Since then she and others had pushed for the law school to be reopened because minorities are under-represented among the ranks of lawyers.

Finally after becoming a member of Congress momentum increased to create a public law school in Orlando. Congresswoman Brown played a leading role in turning that dream into reality.

Since 2002 FAMU Law has graduated more than 1,000 lawyers. Click here more details.
Please keep Congresswoman Brown in the fight by telling everyone you know about her work and supporting her re-election. We’ve set a goal to raise $6,900 in campaign contributions by her birthday on Nov. 11. Please click this link to make your contribution.

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