Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please help me pay off my campaign debt

Dear Supporters:

Throughout my political career, both in the Florida legislature and in Washington, I have been recognized as a fighter on behalf of my constituents.  And my campaign slogan, “Corrine Delivers” remains the most apt description of my style of public service, as I have brought hundreds of millions of federal dollars back to communities throughout my District and the State of Florida.

I’ve brought thousands of jobs to the District, holding yearly job fairs and small and disadvantaged business programs, supporting Job Corps and other training programs, and advocating for job creators like CSX Railroad, Florida Rock, and the Cecil Commerce Center.  

I’ve used my seniority on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to increase Florida’s transportation funding from 77 cents to 95 cents, authorized the JAXPORT dredging project and the Mile Point navigational hazard repair, earmarked millions of dollars for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) and the Jacksonville International Airport, and secured funding to restore passenger rail to the Gulf Coast, including a stop in Jacksonville.

Sadly, the Department of Justice has smeared my good name, and in the process has significantly hindered my ability to raise campaign funds.  During the battle for my Congressional seat I incurred considerable debt that still needs to be paid off.  

I am proud of the work I have done on behalf of my District, and I am asking for your help by making a contribution to my campaign account, allowing me to pay off these final debts.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Contributions can be made online at “” or mailed to “Friends of Corrine Brown”, PO Box 40087, Jacksonville, FL 32203.

Thank you for your support and assistance.  

Corrine Brown
Corrine Brown

Member of Congress  


  1. Shame on you pretending to care about the children! Enjoy jail!

  2. You are a criminal and have been from day one, I hope you rot in jail and then in hell for your greed and nepotism getting your family good jobs, making sure those companies that they worked for got the government contracts, taking all you could to help yourself, you should be stoned to death for your greed and disrespect for for constituents, you piece of sh**, and I speak from direct contact with you not just an observer, you have never been for your constituents, it was always about you and your family, just look at where her family members work and what they make, you uneducated, "axe me a question", no bills presented in how long in congress? Rot in jail till you die the rot in hell