Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fighting bullies

Greetings Friend,

When I was a little girl a teacher sent me home with a note telling my mother that I misbehaved in class.

My Mom wanted the full story. I told her this little boy in my class kept tripping and shoving me to make me fall down. My mother told me to not ever let anyone bully me.
Me and My Mom

Just last week my Mom repeated that advice. Her timing couldn’t be better because, as you probably know, I’m in the fight of my political life. Bullies have played a dirty trick to force me out of office by re-drawing my Congressional district to cover a largely rural area of north Florida and include 22 prisons, and convicted felons can’t vote.

This dirty trick would prevent me from representing so many of the Florida communities I love. Before I took office no African-American in Florida had never been elected to Congress.

My Mom continues to urge me to fight back. I continue to follow her advice. I have taken the re-districting case to court and a hearing is set for March 25th (Good Friday, please pray for me!) at the federal court in Tallahassee. Time is short, this court battle will cost more than $100,000 and my funds very are limited.

I’m grateful if you can contribute from $25 up to the legal limit of $2,600, to the Friends of Corrine Brown.

Making a contribution is easy. You can send it online by clicking here. Or you can send a personal check to Friends of Corrine Brown at P.O. Box 40087, Jacksonville, FL 32203.

I really need your assistance RIGHT NOW!

In addition to your prayers, and contributions, it would be wonderful if you can attend the re-districting court hearing in the U.S. Federal Courthouse, Courtroom 5 East, 111 N. Adams St., Tallahassee. Please be in the courtroom no later than 8:50 a.m.

Together, we can fight and overcome the bullies.

Corrine Brown

Paid for and authorized by the Friends of Corrine Brown (D), Gloria Simmons, Treasurer

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