Friday, January 29, 2016

Special call for help

Dear Friend and Supporter:

I still need your help!  I need it NOW more than ever!!!

“You draw (Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s seat) in such a fashion so perhaps, a majority, or maybe not a majority, but a number of them will live in the prisons, thereby not being able to vote – it is the PERFECT STORM for being able to defeat Brown…”~Janet Adkins, Republican State Representative~

I am a strong believer that past performance is the best indicator of what you can expect in the future.  Tough times require innovation and the willingness to make tough decisions.  If you visit my website, you will see how much I have contributed and delivered not only to my constituents; but to the entire state of Florida as the ranking member on Veterans’ Affairs and one of the top leaders on the Transportation Committee.

In a recent article, it was stated: “the goal of the amendments was never to make a fairer map – it was to produce fairer and more competitive elections, to expect incumbents to listen, to be a mouthpiece for their constituents – not special interests and campaign interests.”  If you look at my record, you will find that I do listen and, I am a mouthpiece for my constituents.

Overturning the current District 5 map ignores the essential redistricting principle of maintaining communities of interest or minority access districts.  In particular, there is one critical section of the Voting Rights Act which strictly prohibits the fracturing of communities of minority voters into a variety of districts.  This element of the Act is essential in the maintenance of minority representation not just in the state of Florida, but across the entire nation.

It was also noted my current district stretches 140 miles from Duval County south to Sanford, outside of Orlando -  with only three (3) prisons.  The newly formed district stretches approximately 207 miles from Duval County east to outside of Tallahassee near the Alabama line with twenty-two (22) prisons and prisoners who cannot vote.  I am fighting for an injunction to stop the new district boundaries from going into effect.

Please help me continue my fight.  Checks should be written from your personal account and made payable to “Friends of Corrine Brown.” You can contribute any amount from $10 up to $2,600.  Please make your check out today and help me prepare for the challenge ahead.  Checks should be mailed to: PO Box, 40087, Jacksonville, FL 32203 or go online and donate at .

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